Picture this: Your road trip is just around the corner, you’re packing, planning, and mapping your route, when you suddenly realize you have no idea what shape your tires are in – not to mention if they’re safe to drive on, or if they’re meant for the season you’ll be driving in! 

Now, imagine a wealth of tire information at your fingertips, guiding you on how to make the best tire choices and maintenance decisions for your vehicle and driving habits. The Tire Research Blog aims to do just that – making sure you have all the information you need, direct to your inbox each month.

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Keeping up-to-date on tire information, tips and know-how is a key tool in any vehicle owner’s  toolbox.

- Get Important Information on Tire Safety

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration), a significant number of accidents each year are tire-related. The tires you choose can provide differing levels of safety during different seasons and weather conditions. For instance, did you know that tires that give the best traction during off-roading adventures in mud or sand are very different from tires that help enable safe handling and control on ice or packed snow? And when you need to purchase a snow tire, how can you tell which snow rating will keep you the safest in your region? Questions like this are what we research and answer for you on TireResearch.Info, so that when it comes to making the decision on which tire will help keep you safe on the roads, you’ll be empowered to make informed choices. 

- Learn How To Maximize the Life of Your Tire 

Many things can affect the lifespan of a tire, including the type of terrain it was designed for, tire inflation, and proper maintenance. A tire that was designed to perform well in one condition may be damaged or wear too quickly if driven in another. Driving on under-inflated or overloaded tires can lead to weaknesses within a tire and make them more prone to blowouts or flats. In fact, the NHTSA estimates that regular tire maintenance could reduce your likelihood of tire blowouts or tire-related accidents by up to 75%! One of our goals on the Tire Research Blog is to make sure that you know how to be proactive about tire maintenance to get the most out of your tire purchases. 

- Learn How Your Tire Choices Can Be More Budget- and Eco-Friendly

Can tires affect gas mileage? YES! Certain tires are designed to reduce the amount of friction between the tires and the road, which means your vehicle uses less fuel. This not only reduces the money you have to spend on fuel, but it also reduces the amount of fuel emissions that your car releases. Not to mention how the tires are manufactured — Eco-conscious tire shoppers will want to know if the company that produces their tires uses “Green” or Eco-Friendly and sustainable methods. Here at TireResearch.Info, we gather this kind of information for you, so that you don’t have to spend your precious time doing it yourself.

- Choosing the Right Tire for Your Needs  

It’s important to select the right type of tire for the kind of vehicle, the type of surface, and the weather conditions in your region. Driving on a tire made specifically for the type of vehicle you drive and the kind of driving you do can significantly improve the performance and handling of your vehicle! In short, choosing the right type of tire for your needs gives you more control while driving. The Tire Research Blog aims to give you all the information you’ll need to choose the tire that will give you the safety and driving performance that you want.

- Know How to Prepare Your Vehicle Seasonally

Knowing how to do regular tire safety checks, maintenance, and how to prepare your tires and vehicle for the changing seasons each year is one of the most important things you can do for your safety and to prevent the extra cost of towing and replacing a tire. On the Tire Research Blog, find out more about preparing your tires for seasonal driving, and proper maintenance to reduce blowouts or accidents on the road. 


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