How do I find affordable tires? Here is where you begin.

Every year more than 20 million people search online for tires, and much to their dismay, it can be overwhelming. So where should I start my tire research? You may ask. Do I need to do my own research, or can I trust the advice of a salesperson?
Can I walk up to my local big box store's counter or buy my tires online? How do I know if my tires will work well in the snow?

These are a just a few questions consumers often think about and struggle to find quick answers to, along with:

  • How do I find my tire size?
  • How old are my tires? What is a D.O.T. number?
  • Are higher mileage warranties better?
  • Who covers my purchase if my tire has a blowout?

This is where this website comes in handy. The information compiled here will give you quick, easy answers to the most asked questions regarding tires. We hope this helps make your tire search more informative and empowering.

Replacing tires for the first time?

If you are replacing tires for the first time, here is the first question you should ask:

Question #1: Will I be using my new tires for the same purpose as the old tires?

If your answer is yes, you are ready to search for your new tires by following the easy steps below:

  1. Locate the size of your old tires; if you need help, use the picture below:
  1. Write down the size you found on your old tires and take that size to your nearest tire reseller or big box store, or you can enter your tire size into a search on any browser.

Are you replacing tires for the second time?

If you are replacing tires for the second time, here a few questions to consider:

  1. Are you moving to a location with a different climate?
  2. Would you use your tires for a similar purpose to the old tires?
  3. If you are using your tires for a different purpose, what is that purpose? The purpose of your new tires will help guide the new search of the right tire brand for you.

What is the difference between factory tire brands and a tire broker?

Factory tire brands have invested in manufacturing facilities and developing tire brands that they distribute. Brokers mainly buy and resell tires based on price and have no factory, so they are not invested in producing a quality product, they are simply buying the cheapest tires and reselling them.

Tire Research has compiled a list of affordable tire brands here for comparison. Our “top 10” in the gold box directly below are highlighted for ticking the most boxes in terms of features that US consumers are looking for.

YOKOHAMAFactoryAS, AS Sport, LX, Run Flat, AS GT, Performance, Competition, UHP, CUV/SUV, Winter A/T, M/T, X-A/T, X-M/TLong-Haul H/T, AS VanYYYY800-722-9888
NEXENFactoryPerformance, Touring AS, Studdable & Studless WinterCUV/SUV Touring, Street Sport Truck A/S, H/T, A/T, M/T, SUV WinterCommercial Van/LT, YYYY909-923-4011
LANDSAILFactoryHP, UHP, TouringM/T, R/T, A/T, H/T, CUV/SUV-YYYY305-621-5101
KENDAFactoryUHP, UHP AS, Touring AS CUV/SUV, H/P, H/T, A/T Performance, R/T, M/TTrailer, Turf, Golf, Agricultural, Skid Steer, Fork Lift, SpecialtyYYYY866-536-3287
FALKEN TIREFactoryUHP, HP, AS, CUV/SUV, Snow, TouringSUV, A/T, M/T, Pickup Truck, R/T, Luxury SUV A/S, WinterA/P Steer, Steer, Drive, TrailerYYYY800-723-2553
DELINTEFactoryHP, UHP, AS, HTA/T, H/T, R/T, SUV/CUV, M/TNew Release Summer 2023YYYY305-621-5101
KUMHOFactorySummer Performance, AS, Winter Performance, Winter Studless SUV, Winter Studdable, Winter Studdable CUV/SUV, Winter All-Weather, Winter Studless Alpine AS, 3PMSF, A/T, M/TH/T AS, 3PMSFYYYY800-HI-KUMHO
PANTERAFactoryTouring A/S, Sport A/S, Platinum Touring A/STouring CUV A/S, Sport SUV, A/T, H/T, M/T, R/T-YYYY305-621-5101
HANKOOKFactoryElectric Vehicle, AS, Performance, All-Weather, Touring, Winter, Competition TiresCUV Touring, SUV, A/T, XT, H/T, M/T, Winter SUV Long Haul, Regional Haul, Long Haul Drive, Wide Base Drive, High Traction, Trailer, Wide Base Trailer, AP Coach Bus, AP All Season, AP Regional & Long Haul, Medium Haul, On/Off Road All Position, Urban Bus, TrailerYYYY800-426-5665
GROUNDSPEEDFactoryHP, SUV/CUV, H/T, TouringM/T, A/T, H/TRegional CS Drive, Regional Steer, Long Haul Trailer, Regional All-PositionYYYY305-621-5101
AVANTECH TIRESFactory--Regional CS Drive, Regional Steer, Long Haul Trailer, Regional All-PositionYYYY305-621-5101
AMERICAN KORYO TIRESBrokerEconomy, HP M/T, HP R/T, UHPST, Medium TruckNYYN909-869-0500
AMERICAN ROAD STAR TIRESMultiple BrokersHP AS, Sport AS, Pro ASH/T, A/T, M/TAP Steer, Regional DriveYYYN562-340-6252
AMULET TIRESMultiple Brokers--AP Steer, AP, Long Haul, Regional, Mixed ServiceYNNN844-546-9887
ARS TIRESMultiple BrokersHP AS, Sport AS, Pro ASH/T, A/T, M/TAP Steer, Regional DriveYYYN562-340-6252
ATLANDER TIRE CO.BrokerHP M/T, A/T, R/T, H/TMultiple Unspecified OptionsNYYN305-420-9887
CROSSMAX TIREBrokerAS Touring, Performance, UHP, H/T--YNYY323-622-1920
DAWG POUND TIRESBroker-UTV/ATVAP, Trailer, CS/OS Drive, OS 3PMSF Rated, Mixed Service, Agricultural, Forklift, Construction, SpecialtyYYYN800-831-8473
DOUBLECOIN TBRFactory--Steer, Drive, Trailer, AP, Long Distance, Regional, Mixed, Intermodal, Fuel-Efficient, Wide Base, Construction, Mining,Industrial, Off the RoadYYYN888-226-5250
EVOLUXX TIRESMultiple BrokersHP, UHPH/T, 4X4 HP, A/T, M/TAP, OS, Regional, Long Haul Steer, CS Drive, Trailer, Mixed Service, All Steel, Short Haul Deep Lug, Mining ServiceNNNY-
ERANGE EVFactoryElectric Vehicle Tires---Y---
FORCELAND TYREMultiple BrokersUHP, AS, H/T, Street/Sport TruckM/T, R/T, A/T-YYYN626-466-6016
FORTUNE TIRESMultiple BrokersHP, UHP, AS, Winter, 3PMSF, M+SH/T, A/T, UHP, M/T, Off-RoadLight Truck, Commercial Van, Long Haul AP, Regional AP, Steer/Trailer, TrailerNYYN310-205-8355
FREEDOM HAULER TIRESMultiple Brokers--ST Radial, Duty Max All SteelNYYY949-312-1908
FULLWAY TIRE Multiple Brokers8 tire models, not specified as to use--NNNN-
GENERAL SCIENCE TIRESFactory & Multiple BrokersEco, UHPH/T, A/T, SUV, LTRLong Haul, Regional, Mixed Road, Agriculture, Mining, TrailerNNNN-
GEOQUEST TIRESMultiple Brokers--Oversized TireNNNN-
GIOVANNA TIREMultiple BrokersAS, Performance, HP--NNNN-
GREENMAX TIREMultiple Brokers----NN--
IRONHEAD TIRESBroker--Steer, AP, Trailer, Regiona & Long-Distance, Line Haul, CS & OS Drive, 3PMSF, On/Off Road, Mining/Loggin/Construction, Mixed Service, All-Steel, RV/Utility TrailerYNNY-
KETER TIRESMultiple BrokersHP, UHPA/T, H/T, R/T, M/TSteer, AP, CS Drive, Commercial & Super-Single Trailer, Mixed Service, All-SeasonYYYY615-535-1358
KIRKLAND TIRESBroker--------
LAKIN TIRESScrap Tire Collection --------
LANDGOLDEN TIRESBrokerA/T, H/T-4 Models, Applications UnspecifiedYYYN833-LG-TIRES
LASSA TYRESBrokerAS, Snow/Ice, Economy4x4, SUV, Winter, A/T, H/PLight Commercial, Light Truck, Agricultural, Off-RoadYNNN-
MUTANT TIRESMultiple Brokers-R/T, A/T, X/T, M/T, WTS-YYYY626-536-2339
NAMA TIRESBrokerUHP, H/T, TouringX/T, R/T, M/TSemi-Steel, All-Steel, Mobile Home, Steer, Drive, Trailer, All-PositionNYYN-
NEBULA TIRES USABrokerH/T, UHP, Economy TouringCUV/SUV UHPST, AP Highway, CS DriveNYYN-
NEPTUNE TIRESMultiple Brokers---Y----
OTANI TIRESMultiple BrokersAS, UHPAS Light Truck, A/TCommercial Truck, AP, Long Haul Drive, Steer, Regional Steer, All-Season, Trailer, OTR, Lawn/Garden, IndustrialYNNN-
PRINX TIRESBrokerPremium Passenger, WinterSUV, H/T, 4x4, Minibus/PickupTruck, BusNYYN310-205-8355
SOTERA TIREBrokerAS HT, -AP, Drive, YNYY323-622-1920
STARLUX TIRESBroker--Long Distance, Highway, TractionNYYN956-308-1298
SUTONG TIRESFactoryUHP, Winter UHPCUV/SUV/LT, A/T, 4x4, HT, M+S Rated, Winter SUV, ATVSpecialty Trailer, Radial/Bias/High-Speed, Specialty, Lawn/Garden, Steer, Drive, AP, All-Steel, Construction, AgriculturalYYYY-
TRANSMAX TIRESBroker--Premium/Regional Steer, AP, CS & OS Drive, Long Haul Trailer, Mixed Service YYYN281-600-8743
ZC RUBBER FactorySport, Eco, UHP, WinterSUV, CUV, M/T, A/T, H/TMud + Snow Rated, Steer, Trailer, Drive, Long Haul, Regional, On & Off Road, Winter, MiningYNYN800-321-0941
ZESTINO TIRES USABrokerCompetition, Racing, Drift--NYNN562-977-8565

Where do I buy my new tires?

Here are a few well-known tire stores to look for in your area: Discount tire, America's Tire, Costco, Sams Club, Goodyear stores, Firestone stores, Mavis, Pep Boys, Walmart, Monroe, Tire Kingdom, NTB Tire, Les Schwab, Big O & Just Tires. The tire retailers we have found are: Tire Rack, Discount Tire Direct, Simple Tire, Amazon, TireBuyer, and Priority Tire.

Wrapping up the tire search

The highest-ranking tire brands that check all the boxes in the data above are Delinte, Landsail, & Groundspeed. After reading these results, you will recognize that they are not the most well-known tire brands, such as Falken, Nexen, Kumho, Hankook, Cooper, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Firestone, and BF Goodrich. However, this website's main purpose is to discover tire brands you may not have heard of and should be considered in your tire search for quality and dependability at an affordable price.


American Koryo Tires

America Koryo Inc. have been operating in the US since 2014 and are importers of Koryo products, such as Medium Truck Radial tires, Passenger tires, Light Truck tires, MT tires, butyl tubes and more. Their tires have been processed and approved by the US Department Of Transportation and are Smart Way verified. Koryo is based in Riverside, CA and services customers throughout the US.

American Road Star Tires

The American Road Star line consists of a wide range of Passenger, Light Truck, and medium Commercial Truck Tires. The passenger tire line includes the American Road Star HP A/S, an all-season ultra-high performance tire that fits wheels ranging from 19 inches to 26 inches in diameter, the American Road Star Sport A/S – an ultra-high performance product – and the American Road Star Pro A/S, an all-season touring tire. Offerings geared toward light trucks and SUVs include the American Road Star H/T, the American Road Star A/T, and the American Road Star M/T. Medium truck tire products include the steer/all-position AR 1000 and AR 1100, plus the AR 2000 and the AR 2200. The latter two tires are designed for commercial, regional drive applications.

Amulet Tires

Amulet's parent company JINYU Tire Group Co., LTD was founded in 1995 and launched in the US in 2019. They specialize in TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) tire development and manufacturing and have advanced tire-producing and testing equipment. Amulet’s technical team develops and innovates products based on the market demand and has built excellent quality control systems. With a production capacity of all-steel radial tires of five million units per year, the products have been distributed widely throughout China, as well as 100 other countries and regions worldwide.

Atlander Tire

Atlander Tire Co., LTD specializes in tires for the US market and manufactures its products in an industry accredited 4.0 factory. This caliber of manufacturing makes the production process more efficient and the product quality more consistent. Atlander produces high-performance PCR and TBR in Thailand in a sustainable, low-carbon, and eco-friendly manner. Atlander also offers AT, MT, and RT tires.


The AvanTech TBR lineup includes a comprehensive range, featuring: All-Position, Trailer, Closed-Shoulder, Open-Shoulder, Long Haul, and Mixed Service applications. Each tire is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled durability, stability, and proprietary features, geared towards resisting tread wear and optimizing fuel efficiency. Avantech partners include the Independent Tire Distributors Group (ITDG). Contact Avantech customer service at 305-621-5101.

Delinte Tires

Delinte Tires manufactures all-season, high-performing tires for Light Truck and SUV/CUVs. Delinte is a factory tire brand, meaning they have their own manufacturing factory, based in Thailand, where everything is automated. The latest tire that deserves attention is their tire for CUV/SUV crossover vehicles called the Bandit Crossover. This tire comes in over 70 sizes and has a 55,000-mile warranty that includes road hazard coverage. This brand also recently released a TBR/commercial tires line. One of the most impressive facts of this brand is that it offers many staggered fitment sizes for performance cars. These staggered fitments are popular with driving enthusiasts that look for a larger tire size on the rear and a smaller tire size for the front. We found a convenient search tool for these types of sizes on their website, where you can search by year, make, model, and staggered fitments. Delinte tires receive consistently good reviews (The Bandit HT DX11 has received all five star reviews on Priority Tire) and they are reasonably priced. Delinte factories also received the prestigious Industry 4.0 recognition.

Dawg Pound Tires

Launched in 1994, Dawg Pound Tires are known for their wide variety of construction, material handling, and agricultural tires. Dawg Pound Tires have a reputation for being durable and cost-effective. Due to the brand’s success and demand in the market, they added a premium truck line along with tubes and flaps. All Dawg Pound products are produced exclusively for East Bay Tire by key manufacturers focused on the highest levels of quality and performance.

Evoluxx Tires

Evoluxx Tires is a subsidiary of Linglong Tire. Evoluxx manufactures high-quality tires for a variety of vehicles, including industrial, passenger, SUV, light truck, trailer, and commercial vehicles. They offer a large range of tire models to choose from and a variety of sizes to fit various needs. It is a versatile company when it comes to tire making, producing good quality for all the different categories while keeping its prices low.

Falken Tires

Japanese company Falken Tires is part of Sumitomo Rubber and was launched in the US in 1983. Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, it has six strategically located tire distribution centers across the US and can quickly and efficiently supply its retailers throughout North America. Falken first created its signature high-performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber and has since solidified its place as a strong consumer choice for tires, with a focus on Ultra High Performance tires.

Forceland Tyre

Forceland is a high-performance tire brand designed by the professional Forceland Tyre PTE., LTD team, specializing in UHP, A/T, M/T, and R/T sizes for the US market. Manufactured by the Forceland Rubber factories in Thailand and Germany, this company also offers Flat Run technology. Forceland promises top standards, with the latest technology and an R&D team, to deliver products from daily all-season tires to off-road. Forceland’s factories meet only the top standards in the tire industry and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the latest technology, and a professional R&D team.

Fortune Tires

Fortune is one of four Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company brands, founded in 1976. Fortune designs and produces various tire models, from passenger vehicles to commercial-grade tires. Their products provide good driving safety, controllability, and better-performing capabilities. Fortune Tires offers ever-improving technology and innovation to raise the standards for tires and customer satisfaction.

Freedom Hauler Tires

Freedom Hauler specialty tires are built with innovation, quality, and durability in mind. They manufacture products for the trailer/hauler and recreational vehicle segments that require heavy-duty loads, while delivering unrivaled straight tracking and a smooth ride.

Fullrun Tyre

Fullrun is known in China as a high-performance tire manufacturer featuring the brands: Fullrun, Autogrip, Antyre, Carbon Series and Fullway and produces some of the most highly regarded TBR/PCR/VAN/SUV/LTR/AGR/OTR tires. Fullrun won a “2008-2009 Export famous brand” honor award in 2008. Fullrun has also obtained various sorts of certificates like ISO, CCC, ECE, DOT, GCC, SMART WAY, EU Label and NOM.

Fullway Tires

Fullway Tire Corporation is a part of the Fullrun Tire and Rubber Company, established in 2003 in Qingdao, China. This brand manufactures tires for passenger vehicles and SUVs. They have a wide range of sizes available for these vehicles. Their products offer great performance and good road grip for a safer driving experience.

General Science Tires

Founded in 2002, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. (commonly referred to as GS) is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of high-quality tires. GS sells products in more than 70 countries and regions, including the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It features a yearly production capacity of one million all-steel radial tires and six million semi-steel radial tires. In 2022, GS opened the Cambodian factory as its second overseas production base to accelerate international development.

GroundSpeed Tires

GroundSpeed tires manufacture their own Passenger Car, Light Truck, and TBR tires in a Thailand based 'Smart Factory'. What’s unique about this tire line is that they’re made by the same company that manufactures aircraft tires. The requirements for aircraft tires used on runways are the most stringent in the industry and this level of quality is applied to its entire product lineup, which recently incorporated a Truck, Bus Radial (TBR) line, colloquially referred to as commercial products for commercial trucks. TBR tires come in Regional and Long-Haul categories. GroundSpeed factories have also received the prestigious Industry 4.0 recognition and was one of the first tire plants to achieve the smart factory status. These tires are reviewed highly on SimpleTire, with the popular passenger tire, the Voyager GT, receiving mostly four and five star reviews.


Hankook Tire offers the following three global tire brands: their premium brand Hankook, their global brand Laufenn, and Kingstar, a brand tailored to the specific needs of each region. Hankook Tire has built up its production, R&D, sales, and marketing and communication networks throughout the globe to offer unrivaled products and services that cater to the specific needs of each region. They feature a wide range of Passenger, Light truck and Commercial Tires, and are also breaking into the EV market.

Hercules Tires

Widely recognized as one of the industry's premier value brands since 1952, Hercules Tires offers a comprehensive selection of passenger, UHP, light truck, medium truck and specialty tires. Hercules Tires is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tire Distributors, Inc., one of the largest independent suppliers of tires in the North American replacement tire market. The company offers an unsurpassed breadth and depth of inventory, frequent delivery and value-added services to approximately 80,000 customers across the US and Canada.

Ironhead Tires

Ironhead produces one of the most technically advanced medium Radial Truck Tire programs today. Ironhead Tire’s international engineering team has extensive experience designing tires for major rubber companies worldwide. Ironhead Truck Tires are produced at one of the finest production facilities in the world.


Kenda produces a diverse line of high quality rubber products for automotive, light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and more. Kenda is one of the leading tire and rubber producers. Their products are engineered for performance, durability and value. All new US products are designed at their North American technical center.

Keter Tires

The Keter Corporation was founded in 2009 and has evolved into a global product-sourcing enterprise for tires and related products produced in facilities worldwide.They are a growing company with rapidly-increasing annual sales. Their two tire brands, Keter and Intertrac, include TBR, PCR, Bias OTR tires, forklifts, and Skid steer tires.

Kumho Tire

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Kumho Tire USA is one of the world's largest tire manufacturers with more than 60 years of history immersed in an innovative approach to product development, market expansion, technical progression, and environmental awareness. They are dedicated to providing optimal service and delivering an exceptional driving experience to customers around the world. Kumho Tire sells Passenger, Light Truck and Commercial tires.

LandGolden Tires

LandGolden Tires use state-of-the-art technology to bring quality, durable tires to customers across the world. Their warranties cover workmanship and material, and they stress test their tires to ensure durability, safety, and a long-lasting ride. Their focus is on developing and producing environmentally friendly, high-performing, quality semi-steel radial vehicle tires manufactured in their factory in Thailand. Landgolden's certifications include ISO9001, CCC, DOT, ECE, INMETRO, NOM, GCC, and others.

Landsail Tires

Since breaking ground, Landsail’s founders have had their sights set on building both automotive and commercial aircraft tires; this resulted in one of the world’s first fully automated tire manufacturing facilities in Thailand, complemented by a US-based headquarters and customer service arm. Today Landsail meets the strict International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards of commercial aircraft tire manufacturing, which is carried over to its Landsail passenger car product lineup. Landsail factories have also received the prestigious Industry 4.0 recognition and at the time, was the first and only tire plant to achieve ‘Smart Factory’ status. The range of products for this brand is extensive, with over 70+ sizes for their new crossover tire, the Stormblazer. This crossover tire was designed for the popular CUV/SUV sizes in overlanding crowds and is now available. Landsail’s Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire, the LS588 is also a popular product and has favorable reviews across a range of platforms, making it a solid affordable option for performance car enthusiasts.

LandSpider Tires

Landspider is a tire manufacturer that produces a wide range of tires for various vehicles. They strive to provide high-quality products to over 150 countries and regions. With a broad selection of tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, light trucks, and commercial vehicles, Landspider has something for everyone.

Lassa Tyres

Dedicated to the production of high-quality tires, Lassa's owner Brisa maintains rigorous quality control standards in its manufacturing. Lassa offers passenger, SUV, light truck, truck, bus, agriculture, and off-road tires, and distributes in over 80 countries worldwide, through specially selected distributors.

LingLong Tires

Linglong Americas, Inc. is a subsidiary of Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd., a Top 12 global tire manufacturer with headquarters in Zhaoyuan City in the Shandong Province of China. Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. is a technical tire manufacturer integrating tire design, development, manufacturing and sales. Founded in 1975, the company has seven R&D centers, seven manufacturing bases across the world currently and over 17,000 employees, with its products widely used on passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and engineering machinery vehicles. It has built a diversified brand system for different markets.

NAMA Tires

Founded in 1999, NAMA is a reputable international tire company registered in over 50 countries with 15 patents. The company has collected technical personnel from major US tire brands and is supported by an international professional R&D team. With a full product line and size range, NAMA features a PCR, TBR to OTR, STR, and an IND AGR series.

Nebula Tires USA

Under the tire brand name of Nebula, Nebula Tire USA Inc. specializes in producing environmentally-friendly, high-performance and best-quality semi-steel radial vehicle tires as well as providing effective customer service. Nebula tire's range includes H/T tires, SUV tires and UHP tires. The driving performance of these tires are enhanced by experienced engineers from the US and Thailand.


Established in 1942 under the name Heung-A Tire Company, Nexen Tire Co. has served the tire industry for the past 80 years and was recognized in 1956 as the first Korean tire company. In 1985, they turned their focus to the production of radial tires and six years afterwards, in alliance with OHTSU Tire & Rubber in Japan, they sharpened and honed their development and manufacturing capabilities. In 2005, Nexen established its US branch, Nexen Tire America and in the same year was awarded a patent for the technology to manufacture rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tires. Since 2012, they have been making award-winning tires.

Otani Tires

Otani is known as a quality tire manufacturer from Thailand. The brand focuses on producing passenger car tires and commercial truck and bus tires in radial and bias ply styles. Otani tires are professionally designed and developed to handle customer needs in all driving conditions, with a focus on a smooth driving experience and top performance. Otani utilizes superior technology and production techniques to create a quality product.

Prinx Tires

Founded in 1976, Prinx is a premium tire brand of Prinx Chengshan Holding Limited, and is distributed by TBC in the US. Manufacturing commercial and consumer tires, Prinx designs, develops, and exports tires for passenger cars, light trucks, agricultural and industrial equipment, and trucks and buses in more than 130 countries.

Starlux Tires

Since 2003, Starlux Tires' parent company, Chaoyang Long March Tyre Co, has been focused on R&D, production and sales of all steel radial tires. After 19 years of continuous development, they have become a modern enterprise offering a complete range of bus and truck tires.

Sutong Tires

Sutong was established in 1993 and specializes in sourcing tires from China for the specific needs of its customers. Headquartered in Hockley, Texas, Sutong operates six locations and imports over five million tires annually. Sutong supports the utility and RV trailer industry, large national retail chain stores, independent tire retailers, and wholesalers.

Transmax Tires

Transmax offers a diverse line-up of truck and bus radial tires manufactured to deliver performance, durability, and value in all driving applications. A Transmax tires are backed by a six year, two re-tread casing Limited Protection Policy and an industry-leading 50% free replacement workmanship and materials guarantee.

Venom Power Tires

Venom Power Tires focuses on serving consumers and the automotive aftermarket by introducing products that center around unique sizes, quality, safety, and value. Their tires are designed for durability, long tread life, performance, and aesthetics. Their high-performance passenger tires offer a refined, comfortable, and quiet ride. Their off-road tires allow you to explore terrain through dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, rain, mud, and snow.


Yokaham has been dedicated to the advancement of tire design and development since their founding in 1917. They were the first Japanese tire manufacturer to be granted ISO9001 certification in recognition of a quality-assurance model-company in design, development, manufacture installation, and related services. They expanded to the US in 1969 where they now operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and produce millions of tires annually for both consumer and commercial divisions.

ZC Rubber Tires

ZC Rubber produces a variety of tires, including truck, passenger, commercial, off-road, agricultural, bicycle and motorcycle, and ATV tires. Their brands include Westlake, Goodride, Chaoyang, Arisun, Trazano, Yartu, Golden Crown, and Ni Pon, meeting the varying requirements of their global customers.

Zestino Tires USA

Zestino is designed specifically for motorsports like drifting and road racing. Produced in Japan, these tires have been proven in many racing environments. The widened tread design improves the tire performance, giving drivers extra confidence. Using the advanced design technology of a top-quality motorsports tire, their cutting-edge race compound formulation delivers predictable high-grip traction while maintaining longevity and consistency.