Check Out Our List of Gold Tire Brands for This Year

When you drive a brand new car off the lot, the tires that come with it are called “Original Equipment” or OE tires. Most vehicle owners just take for granted that their tires will get them from A to B safely and don’t think about their tires unless there is a puncture or a flat. 

If this sounds like you, then consider this your reminder to check your tires!  As driving wears down the tread of your tires, it can cause your vehicle to become less responsive to your steering. Worn-down tire treads can also be very dangerous because they reduce your tires’ grip on the road, increasing the time your car takes to brake. Worn-out tire treads will also cause weather-affected roads to be more hazardous. Replacement tires should be purchased before tires reach this point, otherwise driving becomes unsafe.

If you’ve had your tires for a while now, here are some things to consider and our best recommendations for your tire purchases: 

How Often Do You Need New Tires?

Recommendations vary between tire manufacturers and experts on how often to change tires. Of course, you should definitely change your tires in the case of a flat, puncture, or other damage that causes a loss of inflation. But what if you’ve been driving on the same tires for years? Based on our research, we found that most manufacturers recommend buying new tires after you’ve driven them between 45,000 - 60,000 miles, or 3-5 years.  According to Car and Driver Magazine, it’s recommended that six years is the threshold to get a set of new tires, and no tires should be used for longer than ten years. Not sure how old your tires are? Check our home page for an easy description.

See the highlighted brands in our table for the highest quality and most trusted tire brands.

Are Lower-Quality Tires Dangerous?

As you look for replacement tires for your car, your search for affordable tires may have you looking for cheap tires for sale. Tires are very precisely constructed and engineered, and the quality of the engineering makes a big difference in the performance, handling, and even braking distance of a tire. Additionally, the quality of materials used to construct a tire affects how the tire will wear. There are many good quality tires available from reputable manufacturers that are also very affordable, if you know where to look. 

For tire customers who don’t have the time to do in-depth research, but still want affordable, reliable tires, you can look here at our table highlighting the top 10 tire brands of 2023. We’ve checked out almost all the tire brands on the market, from their warranties, where they’re manufactured, to how available their customer service is, and the types of tires they offer. Our Top 10 Tire list highlights the most trustworthy, reliable and high-quality tire brands we’ve found: Delinte, Falken, GroundSpeed, Hankook, Kumho, Kenda, Landsail, Nexen, Pantera, and Yokohama. Based on what we’ve found, our most highly recommended tire brands are Delinte, GroundSpeed, Landsail, and Pantera.

Whether you’re trying to figure out which tires are best for all-season, or deciding between the top 10 tires for SUV use, is here to bring you answers to your questions, and to highlight the best tire brands on the market this year.