In this economy, consumers are always looking for the best deals possible. However, seasoned car owners know that when it comes to your vehicle’s safety and performance, some things just aren’t worth cutting corners on. So when it comes to finding discounts on tires, you need to know what is important and what isn’t. Here on, we want to bring you clear and concise information on how to save, and when it’s important to spend extra for quality when it comes to replacing your tires. 

Risk and a Lot of Research. Are Used Tires Worth it?

One option that drivers often come across when looking at where to buy cheap tires is replacing their Original Equipment (or “OE”) tires with used tires. When purchasing a set of new tires, you know what you are getting, and in most cases, your tire will be covered by guarantees or warranties from the tire manufacturer or the shop that installs it.

With a used tire, you will have no way of knowing in what conditions it has previously been driven; including conditions that may have even rendered the tire’s original warranty invalid. The uncertainty of the temperature and road conditions that a tire was previously driven on is a major factor to be considered before you type “Used Tires For Sale Near Me” into your search bar. Tire temperatures can alter the composition of a tire’s rubber, and poor road conditions can reduce the integrity of the internal structure of the tire, which you couldn’t check for when purchasing a used tire.  If the tire is more than five years old, most manufacturers recommend that the tire not be used, so you would have to check the year of manufacture before purchasing. After five years, the tire’s materials will likely have deteriorated past the point of safe use. 

If the tire is more than five years old, most manufacturers recommend that the tire not be used...

Finally, if you plan to drive on the used tire for an extended length of time, be aware that if damage occurs to a used tire, it will not typically be covered by a warranty. When buying a used tire, you may be able to get a limited warranty, but you must purchase it from a separate company, and it usually only covers the used tire for a short time, ranging from 30 days to around six months. 

Are Used Tires Safe?

To determine the safety of a used tire, be prepared to do some research. Check the tread wear and measure it to make sure there is 50% or more of the tread remaining (and remember to use a reliable tire tread depth gauge!). This also requires you to research that specific used tire to find out the original tread depth.Generally, a tire with less than 2 to 3/32nds of an inch of tread is not safe to drive on, as the tire will not have the traction needed for safe braking and handling. Worn out tire treads also cause weather-affected roads to be more hazardous.  

As mentioned above, check the tire’s week and year of manufacture, stamped on the sidewall of the tire. If the tire is over five years old, the materials may have deteriorated to a point where it isn’t safe to drive on for much longer, and would not be worth buying.

Benefits of New Tires vs Used Tires

Although used tires may cost less and seem like a better deal, when it comes to safety, handling, and longevity, they may end up costing more in the long run. Consumers who buy new tires have the advantage of knowing ,the expected length of the tire’s life, that the construction and tread of the tire are in tact, and in the case of reputable tire companies, that a warranty covers the tire from one to six years, or up to a certain number of miles driven. There are also often perks that come with a new tire purchase, such as free installation or in-house year-round maintenance (eg. Rotation, pressure checks, balancing). Make sure you are aware of these factors before you start a search for “used tires for sale near me”!